Baking ambient occlusion

Hey all Quick question, Ive modelled a Katana and have activated ambient occlusion for a quicky render. Do i bake it to save render time? or is that only for UV mapping? because i just have a basic Model no textures and i havent UV unwrapped it


You can bake it to save end render time, but typically it will cost you more in effort then it is worth. It is a delicate balance between the complexity of your scene vs. render time. If it’s just the katana in the scene, baking it isn’t worthwhile.

The other reason to bake it is if it’s a game model. This creates an impression of more physical based light.

Also note when you bake it, if you move the object in your scene relative to other objects, you’re AO map most likely no longer is “true” and needs to be re-baked.

Hopefully that gives you a little to go on.