Baking (and using) displacement map from sculpt

I’m having some serious issues baking (and using) a displacement map from my high-poly sculpt to the retoplogized mesh. I can bake a texture, but it causes some really wierd deformations when pluging it into the displacement input in cycles (both with and without micropolygondisplacement) to the point that the entire mesh moves.

here’s the bake settings for reference:
and the hight poly sculpt:

and the retopologized mesh:

please explain what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it

i have not been using disp baking alot on 2.8, but you might try the displacement node, and set the image to hight since it is a displacement map.
or it might also be a uv problem, and you could add an uv node in the back of the image texture vector input thingy.

UV is perfectly fine, I tried a normal map and it does what it supposed too, also, 2.80 doesn support baking displacement maps, so I’m currently in 2.79, and there’s no displacement node

haa damn, the theme tricked me

ooh XD yeah I’m using a darker theme, I prefer ot to the gray

here is my setup in 2.79, im not using any material, just a displacement modifier, actually 2 in this model.

some troubles I had was with using low depth images, so, save your bakes as exr, or at least png16, with png8 I could see the pixel steps :frowning: hope it helps!

great, thanks, now I just need to figure out what the problem is with the bake

I did a thing and it worked