Baking Animation (possible?)

I have a big question.
I have my model rigged and animated. It uses IK for arms and legs, alot of custom bones, etc.
I need to export it to either HL2 SMD or Doom3 MD5. Existing exporters fail to do so and I end up with messes up weighting.
So I was thinking maybe if I bake animation (so rig will become FK and I will have every frame keyed for every bone), I can have those exporters work properly.
The question is how animation can be “baked” in Blender (245.12 SVN build) ?
Thank you.

you can bake the Action. I am in a hurry now, but is how I made for formats that don’t support that info…Anyway…md5 from der_ton did a nioce job on porting it, I exported md5 animations with weights perfect(I think it takes constraints info also, and is one of the few to do so, so, wasnt needed the bake…)… (remember I think you gotta set in the asci exported mesh text the texture path or name, in the “shader”… ) That is am surprised md5 does not work for you…I tested on an older blender tho, check forums for latest version.

Sorry, am in a hurry now… !

Thank you for the reply.
Indeed I can’t export my rigged model correctly with der_ton’s exporter :frowning:

Here is my post to Python Scripts section:

Maybe you can look at my rig and give me some advice or something. I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you.