Baking AO on one object only?

Hi, I’m using Blender 249b.
I have a problem and cant get my head around a solution.
I am trying to render a 90 second animation (30fps) with 4 lights and approx. AO.
I get flickering in the approx. AO shadows which occurs no matter what I set the error to (even down to 0.05.) If I set it to 0, the renders take forever - I might as well do ray traced, I want to use approx. though because it gives really nice shadows.
I’ve looked into baking the AO but does this mean I have to turn AO off to render? (Obviously it makes sence to do that however I have about 70 seperate objects which would all need unwrapping and baking…)
Can you turn off AO on one particular object?
Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Matt.

If you use “Full Render” baking that will produce UV image that incorporate lighting, AO, Shadow and texture in one image. And you just apply it to the object as a UV texture. So render time for each frame will be significantly reduced. No more flick as well; each frame has same image.