Baking big lightmap in Cycles

Good evening,

so i have modeled a skyscraper.
Afterwards i applied a small texture to it with tiling.
I use this texture also as an environment map so that i get nice reflections on the skyscraper.
It looks pretty cool and because of the environment map i get nice variations of reflectivity on the building.
I would like to preserve those reflections in a lightmap and export that afterwards into the UE4.
To do that i followed this tutorial.
So here is the problem.
The resolution of the baked texture is VERY low. I assume this is because i scaled the UV layout way down so that it could fit the 4096x4096 blank texture.
I have really no idea what i could do next in order to increase the resolution.
Any help is very appreciated.


I think i found my error. I had to select the new image file in the node editor. XD

oh ok , now i got a completely black baked texture.

Reflections are view-dependent and so can’t be baked. Set the environment map up in the UE4 material editor. Or better yet, just leave UE4 to do its own thing, it has a physically based material system that does its own reflection mapping in the basic shaders (unless you’re developing for mobile or something).

thank you so much for telling me that. I was searching for nothing. Ha.
Then i’ll put the environment texture onto a sky sphere and bake it there.