Baking bump map details into normal map

So here is the problem:

  1. I have two objects a low-poly one and a high-poly one.
  2. I have already baked the normal map, and it is fine.
  3. After applying it to the low-poly object I want to add some more details, little tiny details that are easier to be painted with a simple bump map than beeing sculpted.
  4. So I apply the bump map, together with a normal map on the object and it works perfectly.
  5. And now I need to join these two maps, I need my bump map details to be added to the normal map…
    And this is the point where I’m stuck

And the most funny thing is that I have already done it with some other maps, some 2 months ago… :spin:

hmm. Apply your bump map to the high res model and rebake your normal map.

If normalmap and bumpmap is on the low rez object, set new image and bake another normalmap from it, not choosing any additional options. Then apply this new normalmap instead. Can’t say if that’s the most perfect way to do it, but works.

You can combine the two bump maps in Photoshop or gimp and there are plenty of tutorials, all very easy, on how to do that. Essentially just copy them over each other (small detail map on top of main normal) and select multiply for layer overlay mode. However I am very new to texturing, just familiar with Photoshop and textures as 2D images, so you might want to search Google for “Combining bump maps in GIMP/Photoshop tutorial” before doing anything.

Thx guys

I was out of the project for some time, but now I’m back and IT WORKS :slight_smile:

the solution? the most simple one, just baking the normals by selecting the low poly object only, just like eppo said