Baking color I.D. maps, get error every time

I am trying to bake color textures to create a color I.D. map for use with substance painter
Every time I try, I get an error “No active image found…” appear in the info bar (the same place the progress bar for baking usually is), there was more to the error but it disappeared before I could write it all down.

For reference I am baking several objects at a time. It starts out working but then after like 30-40% of the way through it gives the error (it does bake the colors it manages to get through before the error)

My texture space includes only diffuse BSDF, material output, and the image I am trying to bake to (which is not connected to the other two nodes.) All other materials (there are five in total) are the same, only with different colors for the baking. I have checked and every material for every object I have selected DOES have an image file, so I dont know why it gives the error.

I am baking ‘diffuse’ maps with only ‘color’ contributions included.

They’re all on the same U.V. map. Its possible some objects which are intended to use the same texture overlap on the U.V. map in case that is the cause I dont know if that might be a problem. But certainly no objects which arent supposed to use the same textures overlap on the U.V.'s.

Also, at least some of all of the major colors used in the objects is used. The only color that isnt is red, which corresponds to ‘wood’, which is only on a very small part of the overall thing I’m trying to bake so I’m assuming that simply means it didnt get to those objects before it stopped working, but it is also possible that that material is what causes it to stop. If so I dont know why, as there is nothing different about that material.

Hm… Just to make sure (because nothing else comes to mind): you have target image in EVERY material and you have it SELECTED in all of them as well?