Baking confusion. I know this will be obvious to some of you, but how do I do this (read on)

Hi all,

How do I apply a baked texture to a specific object without that texture appearing on all the other objects sharing that same base material?

I realise I can achieve this by having multiple iterarations of the same material with a different file name - white_wall.001, white_wall.002 etc, but this seems like a really messy way to do this. I believe that the aim is to keep the total number of materials to a minimum. With the aforementioned method I’ve ended up with models with 24 versions of the same base colour - this surely isn’t a smart way to organise this.

I’m also plugging my baked textures directly into the base colour of the same principled bsdf that the baked image was generated from - is ths correct? I remember seeing on some YouTube tutorials that an additional UV map node can be added to this process - what does this actually do?

When it comes to plugging in the baked inages, how do you ensure that the original base colour is saved in the file if it is not ‘used’ - does it have to be tagged as a ‘fake user’?

All help and advice is gratefully received! Thanks