Baking diffuse -> artifacts

I am getting some pretty bad artifacts, but I have never done this type of bake before*
I usually am baking normals from High poly to low, but I now baking Edge wear mask from

Normal size to normal size *

does my mesh I am baking to need to be inside the mesh I am baking from?

You’re baking a texture. No need to have 2 objects for this. Since Diffuse is a long waiting game i’d suggest substitute Diffuse by Emit and Bake Emission). Distortions you see could be caused by what looks like nogons too, btw.

You could simplify things by posting blend containing mesh and nodes though.
Hope helps.

I had distortions from overlap, fixed it with ray length*

and it bakes out reasonably fast, I am just trying to get edge data

Aha. (Kinda, ‘got it, nm’)

also, now I know why my stuff was not baking correct -


View subdivision did not match render subdivision- so bake was doing pointless from less subdivided mesh*