Baking diffuse image with view transform applied results in an image with muted colors

Using a simple test scene with a cube and a plane, both using a white diffuse BSDF and a simple area light, I’m trying to bake the diffuse component of this scene in a texture

For my specific use-case, it’s important that the color accuracy of the baked image matches what I’m seeing when rendering in viewport / render mode with the Filmic transform.

When saving the baked image, I’m setting “Save as render” to apply the Filmic view transform, but the resulting .png image ends up having muted colors compared to the colors I’m seeing in viewport

The image at the left side in the screenshot is the baked image, and both the ground reflections and the front side of the cube are less bright compared to the rendered image, also the energy falloff seems to be much stronger in the baked image compared to viewport

The color management settings has default values

Does anyone know what could be causing this issue?

Use Standard, not Filmic, color transform

Rendering with the Standard view transform does match the baked image but for project I’m working on, it would help immensely if the Filmic transform is correctly applied to the baked image

I don’t have issues with the standard view transform, but I’m seeing a mismatch when using Filmic