Baking displacement data?

Is it possible to convert the displacement data derived from texture directly to mesh vertices? So that it computes the object once, and the rendering time will decrease?


Not sure if it works for other meshes yet, but if you’re using a plane you can hit the noise button in edit mode. You may have to do some smoothing to get it to match the render from a pure displacement map.

If you’re doing it on a sphere, cube, or any other shape I don’t know how it would be done.

Rendering time will not decrease usually.

Most displacement maps, at a decent resolution, will mimic a mesh with millions of polygons.

If you converted that into “real” vertex’s, it would crash just looking at it in edit mode, not to mention trying to render the thing.

You do know that Blender’s implementation of displacement mapping works on actual geometry (whether the mesh as itself or a subdivided/subsurfed version if present) so the “millions of polygons” are actually there. Of course, not crashing anything.


dwmitch: I thought about hmm… more predictable vertex behavior :smiley:

MacGyver,theeth: If it won’t decrease, so… there was some news that developers will make some gizmo to automagically determine level of subdivision for disp maps… hope it’s soon, because my comp. can’t handle those monstrous models :smiley: