Baking displacement in 2.8

in 2.8, blender render seems to have been removed.

I was the only way for baking displacement maps.

Does anybody know a way for doing this ? as cycles has no ‘bake displacement’ feature ( wich is obviously out of topic for a renderer ) and other renderers simply have no bake features at all…

i hope some people will find a way :confused:

People have. Check the video and file at:


late now in france… but i’ll definetely have a look at this !

thanks a bunch LoboTommy :slight_smile:

Is there any news regarding baking displacement in 2.8 since i am tire to have to export to 2.79 each time i want to do a simple baking over a flat plane?

Nothing new.

Thank after searching yesterday that’s the conclusion i came with.

This is one annoying workflow that needs to be remedied (needing to take models into 2.79 to bake displacement maps). Since Eevee is supposed to replace Blender Internal, I had hoped displacement map baking would be implemented to Eevee by 2.8, but I guess it’ll have to be later.

Why this was not considered one of the top priorities is beyond me. Displacement map baking is essential for game asset development which is one of the most popular use-cases of Blender. But this is a wider problem.

The baking workflow in Blender is ARCHAIC. They’ve implemented the Principled Shader that is currently the most widely used and you still cannot bake Principled Shader values to maps without creating a node setup just for that purpose and baking values one by one using simple shader color value. So it’s easily doable. You just have to forward some of the values as black to white scale. Why is this taking years to implement? Also, currently there are people that successfully emulate parallax occlusion mapping in Blender using Eevee and no one looked at that and said “that’s an obvious choice for Eevee functionality, isn’t it?”.

The state in which Blender 2.8 Release Candidate is now is basically crippled. Sure - the progress overall is big, but there is some unforgivable regression in core functionality. I think releasing 2.8 in the current state is a big mistake and may attract some new users to immediately push them away due to the utterly broken baking workflow.

The only solution i found is…
using 2.79b :stuck_out_tongue:

and let devs have fun with their partially finished 2.8

mebe in 3 or 4 years, i’ll have a look a 2.8

In 2.8 displacement baking requires the multires modifier (and Cycles). If you bake from multires, you get option to bake displacement.

I guess, if one wants to use another object to bake displacement, one has to try multires+shrinkwrap.

If you use a regular plane to bake a displacement map, why not use a shader which generates a height map?

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