Baking errors

Hi, first of all i don’t really know if this is supposed to go here or in the texturing part of the forum so sorry if this is the wrong place

so, i’m having trouble rendering normals
i’ve succesfully rendered normals before but his time it just keeps giving me the same errors
i get “no valid objects selected” and "Circular dependancy for “image” from “object”

the exact steps i followed are

  • create mat on low-poly
  • create image and put it in mat
  • select high
  • set low to active
  • set baking settings (normals, selected to active, cage)
  • bake

could someone explain exactly why i get these errors?
like i said, i’ve done this before and it worked, i even went back to the tutorial that taught me this and followed the steps

this is the project: link


Disconnect normals image node while you bake probably.

Thanks eppo, tht fixes the circular dependency thing
i also just found a thread where someone stated that the valid object error is caused by “selected to active” being on, i tested this and it’s true, but if i turn this of how can i bake from my high to low poly?

Since Selected to Active bake is exactly what you want in your file this should not apply i think. But for Cycles baking image to bake to should be not connected node in the material node tree.