Baking F-Curves in Blender 2.92.0


I’m having problems with an F-Curve in Blender 2.92.0, that is, I cannot apply a modifier to the curve. According to a YouTube tutorial, the F-Curve is blue, but mine is light gray.

I want to apply an Envelope Modifier to the curve. What do I have to do to make the curve blue, like this:



Is it disabled, here?

Yes, but when I enable it the circle to which the curve belongs is not visible anymore. Plus, I don’t want the location of the circle to change, only the scale.

You mean, when you enable the f-curve, the object (circle) disappears? Did you set keyframes for location?

Initially, I did, but after I had baked the f-curve, I deleted them because I thought I wouldn’t need them anymore. :frowning: Maybe this was a mistake. When I press ‘I’ now, I get the dialogue ‘Insert Keyframe’ but the keyframes (orange) don’t appear in the timeline. Is it possible to fix this?


I’m kind of at a loss, could you share the tutorial you mentioned.

Sure, you can find it here.

Well… The only reason I can think of that the curve would be grey is that it is disabled as I showed. In the video he shows deleting the f curves so I think that is correct. I think what I would recommend is starting from scratch, the video is not that long.

As far as this is concerned I don’t understand what is happening to the circle (object).

The circle shall pulsate to the music. Meanwhile I started anew & am now able to apply a modifier to the curve. Thanks for your help.


Great! Yeah I think often it helps to get a fresh scene, especially when the task is not too intense.