Baking fluid crash

ok, I was trying to do a simple fluid sim of an IPO animated object to fall into the fluid and as I try baking, I keep getting this:
The instruction at “0x0070db71” referenced memory at “0x00cab000”. The memory could not be “written”
so, does anyone know about that:confused:

is this in the right place?

Now, If I Press Bake Blender Shuts Down Immediately And Doesn’t Even Show An Error Message!!!

Do you have the output directory(for the fluid calculations) set in blender? that could fix it…

no, I have an entire folder just for my fluid sim projects
the directory is there

That sounds like a “segmentation fault”. If that’s the case, its not your fault, its a problem with the code and you should submit a bug report on GForge here:

Be as specific as possible and give all the info required to recreate the problem.

Before you do though, check it out on someones computer who either has a different Windows set up to you so you can make sure its not related to some external spy/malware etc.