Baking Hair Dynamics problem.


It’s pretty late and I’m working on a project and the deadline is closing in and I’m having difficulties with the baking of grass animation. Everything works fine but it always stops baking at frame 100 even though I’ve set the bake settings from 1 to 200 and render settings have the same frame range. I’ve gone through the particles panel about 10 times and I can’t seem to be able to get it to bake further than 100 frames.

Am I blind or is this a bug? :confused:

Maybe sleep would be a good idea but I appreciate a little help from anyone since this is urgent.:smiley:


I got it working by using current cache as bake. But what’s the point of a bake button if it doesn’t work correctly? :confused:


So no one has any idea what causes this? Kind of a weird problem…:confused:

And your blend file that demonstrates your problem is where ?

Well i posted another problem with the particle system with a blendfile in the bugtracker and their investigating it so the current particle system seems to have a few problems. Anyone could easily test this by making a particle system themselves with dynamics and bake it. It’s not a real problem since i managed to use the baked cache but still. :rolleyes:

i tried your Demofile.blend
same effect, hair-animation freaks out starting from frame ca.70 -
there is something wrong with this file.
I did restart blender and with the default cube scene i created
a hair-plane and duplicated the cube some times, put into a group
and used this group. No freak out, did put some wind at it and
the anim did run thru up to the default setting of 250 frame.
Then i linked in one group of the trees from your Demofile.blend.
Did the bake of the hair anim again and it worked like with the cubes.
No freak out.
I did use the Kuusi_01_tuuma Group only and not so many hairs,
only 10 with 10 children each.
I could post this funny little forest with its growing, shrinking, waving trees
– but i think this view is known and only to prove i could render
with a new file and linked in tree-group, you may test it on your own.

Setup a new empty file with only a plane and create the hair. If hair
with children works, then add one tree-group and use this…
(maybe there is something wrong with the different groups in this file or
switching between hair-particle-mode …?)

this was done with blender-2.57 r26147

did a try with the linked in “puut” group, did work the same, new bake and no freak out.

“Then i linked in one group of the trees from your Demofile.blend.
Did the bake of the hair anim again and it worked like with the cubes.
No freak out.”

Yeah i managed to locate this problem and Jahka is working on it I believe. It seems that if you have the objects that are grouped and used in a particle system on a hidden layer the animation goes completely crazy in the viewport. As soon as you reveal these layers the animation is fine. Kinda weird but showing all layers is a workaround until it’s fixed.