Baking hair dynamics with windforce?

Guys… is it possible to bake hairdynamics with windforce ? I tried searching using Google but I didn’t find anything that shows how.

Can anyone point me into the right direction?
Thank you. :slight_smile:

…maybe if I explained a bit better:

Let’s say I have a gust of wind coming towards the animated hair particle emitter… and I want to maintain the hairdynamics because the emitter has a complex movement which requires the hairparticles to mind the motion as well as the wind-force-field…

Isn’t there any way at all?
I have been looking everywhere and all I can do is either bake the hairdynamics, which don’t pick up on the wind force field. OR I can only have windforce working without baking… like real time and the outcome always differs slightly.

There must be something… anything at all?

…or is there another route I could explore? Armature… cloth perhaps?

Are you getting any error when baking? I just did a simple quick test and it works ok, dynamics are baked with the windforce effect too.

Here’s the test file in case you wanna take a look at it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the test file… :slight_smile:
…I must be doing something wrong.
The windforce only affects the hairparticles live… but when I bake it, the windforce doesn’t seem to be taken into consideration at all. It’s not affecting it. And I haven’t done anything different than your test set up. Could it be that a particle system from an earlier Blender version which got appended to into Blender 2.91 doesn’t work? lol edit: by doesn’t work, I mean is it lacking parameters/data or things that may have not appended correctly? It just makes no sense… how can it detect the forcefield live, but ignore it at baking… I am dying here , haha

created a duplicate mesh object and did transfer the same particle system onto the duplicate and now it works…
go figure

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