Baking Hair / Fur / Clothes

Hi, I am quiete new to this forum, so for introducing me:
am mostly working on low poly characters for a very big Mod :slight_smile:
here is my last work,
(its a wallpaper of the new unit) using blender for the Model and Photosho for texture plus those clouds. It is complete (Rider, Horse, Sword) with 1400 triangles.
1.Now I want to know if I can use the Particle system to create Hair for my next character and then render- bake that Hair onto a very low poly surface.
So in other words, I want a low poly hair, maybe a bit transparency and stuff with the txture made up by a particle generated Hair.
The same technique I would like to use for a Lions Mane and if it works out for further stuff. But I need some help from experienced bakers :slight_smile:

2.Furthermore I saw somewhere, that you can create meshes whcih behave like clothes if given the right material?! I would like to make use of something like this to create clothes and bake them onto a low poly surface.

So, any of you pros out there ready to help?!
At least point me into the right direction please :slight_smile: