Baking Help

Hi, I’ve been trying to get my stupid computer to do a uber simple test with the fluid simulator in Blender 2.65. I attached the blender file, but basically its a sphere domain, one inflow cube, and one control icosphere. Every time I hit bake, I have the usual 1-2 second delay before the progress bar appears. At frame 0 I get a fluid surrounding the cube, but no frames after that get baked, or none that I can see. I’ve moved the slider on the timeline and even lowered the resolution. It worked once but I’ve no idea why this is fighting me so hard. Sorry to anyone who may find this post incredibly noobish, but I am over ecstatic to get this fixed. I was thinking it maybe had something to do with the link to the fluid caches? I don’t know if that sounds right to anyone, but hopefully it helps.