Baking in cycles


So I’ve made a bow which I’ve UV-unwrapped and then textured with several different textures (wood, string, rope). When I then want to bake it I create a new image in the UV/Image editor for it to be baked on. But then, when I bake it, it’s not being baked onto the new image i created for the purpose but rather onto all the different layers of texture that I used for setting up the different textures. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Have you watched the cycles baking video in the 2.71 release notes

Yes I have and maybe my problem wasn’t that clear. My problem is, that I have a single object with more than just a single color as in the video. Say, using the video as example, instead of having a green monkey I have a monkey with an image texture for the ear, one for the head itself and one for the nose. I then want to bake it all onto one image so instead of having to load 3 images I can load just 1 image. But I can’t figure out how to bake it onto a single image.