Baking issues. EDIT : THANK YOU

Hey guys i recently made a head in Blender. However when i try to bake it it looks like this, i dont know how to fix it band this is my first time making and baking a head ever. Im pretty sure a baked head should look like one piece all together for u to custom make a skin for it? If you know how to fix it please help me i dont know what else to do. thanks so much !


Improve your UV mapping with seams. To start, run a seam from the forehead hairline, over the top of the scalp and down the back of the neck to the very bottom of the mesh. This gives Blender some clues as to how to wrap the flat texture sheet around the curved head. To do this, select those edges and press Ctrl E to ‘Mark Seam’. Then press U, then ‘Unwrap’ to regenerate the UV map. You can see the new mapping in the UV/Image editor window without having to do a bake first. Additional seams around the eyes, mouth and ears sometimes helps further.

Thank you very very much for your reply, how to i add seams (im a noob with this, so i really thank you for you help)

OH my god, thank you sooo much you saved my life!!