Baking Issues

I’m trying to bake smoke in Blender 2.53 Beta. However, I have always had problems in earlier builds, and the same problem is here too. After I bake low resolution smoke, it plays in the 3D viewport as it should, however, at the end of the animation, the smoke emits again, but the smoke that was emitted in the previous animation stays. The animation loops but doesn’t at the same time… I tried re-baking but when I freed the bake, the start frame for baking was 300,000 and the end frame was 1. After setting the numbers right and baking again, the smoke is looking like it’s on frame 150 while on frame 1. The smoke this time doesn’t move. What’s wrong?

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Yeah I get that too. It’s weird. I’ll see if I can fix it by messing around a bit but I doubt it.

Yeah that’s weird. I get that too.
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I’m getting the same issue as well. I hope someone has an answer.

Hmm that shouldn’t happen. I ran into this issue in earlier builds and my solution was to completely free the disk cache and use “bake all dynamics”. But this didn’t occur to me for quiet a while now.

Maybe .blends might help sorting things out?

I can get around the problem by changing the number of resolution on the domain object
this makes the old smoke go away and start from new
doesn’t seem like it should work that way but it works for me
let me know if that isn’t clear


Maybe the bug gets resolved by this small commit?


so if that’s been committed it should show up in trunk builds at graphicall almost immediately right?
or is there another step after commit?

Well, the commit is revision 30941 so check the rXXXXX value on the builds. For example the current build by Fish reads “Blender 2.53 svn r30989 linux 64bit” so that one should have the commit included…