Baking issues?


When I bake images, the baked images have a much lower resolution than the rendered images for the same number of samples:

So how can i make the bake the same quality as the rendered image?


You always bake on an image with a preconfigured resolution (1024*1024 for example). That’s why your baked object doesn’t look as good as your rendered image. If you want to have nicer bakes, you should increase the image resolution in your UV/Image Editor to 2048 or even higher.

Hi, the baked image has a resolution of 2048*2048. But it still looks very low res.

Looking at your screenshot it also seems that the map is a bit stretched. Have you applied the size and rotation of your model before unwrapping?

Depending on the size of your object 2048*2048 can still be quite small. You may need to increase your samples to achieve a higher accuracy.

As for your question on how to get the same quality on your baked map, this is something that is not really possible to achieve (or at least it doesn’t make that much sense). The quality of your baked object is always related to the resolution of your UV Map. So if you don’t want to use ridiculous large UV Maps there will always be a loss of quality. But that is okay because you are baking something to reduce the overall file size in order to use it in a game for example.

That doesn’t mean you can’t optimize the quality of your baked model though.
One possibility is to use several UV Maps for different parts of your Model.

I am sorry that I can’t give you indepth advice on what is the best way to bake something because I am also quite new to the whole baking process.

Thanks for the reply. Once I applied scale and rotation, the resolution drastically increased. I was building a large office block with many rooms and hence needed the largest texture.