Baking Issues


I am really stressed. I decided to use Blender for a project and now may not finish in time.

I have been baking my textures. Everything was working and all of a sudden my textures were turning black. It’s all of them in my scene that I bake. Not just one. I doubt it is something like the normals because everything looks good in the 3D viewport before baking. Also, it’s not working for anything now. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you,


What type are you baking ?
What have you changed

Please supply a blend file that shows the same issue for other users to review

I placed a UV grid on my texture. Everything looks good with the normals. Just next baking like it was shortly before.

How would I upload a blend file? I only see image option.

just follow these steps:


I cleared my UVs for one object and did a new unwrap. Doing a new unwrap alone did not work. Clearing it first worked, but the samples were low so I cannot use that test. I am doing the high quality sample render now and hopefully it is ok once completed.

Now it’s not working again. I may just have to use another program. Baking with cycles is nice for cubes and simple small items.