Baking, light problems

I have a problem with the lights when try to bake a house. I’m using the BRayBaker2 to do that, but i think that by “hand” it will result in the same thing.

Ok, i iluminate the room the way i want, but i have to see the room from some camera. The problem is, when the camera change position to bake, the light gets wrong for that camera position.

Can you help me with this?

Maybe setting the camera in ortho and removing the specularity in the house’s material can fix your problem

Also you can try this

I’ll try both!!

Thank you very much!

I think i cannot solve this without a tip. “Sorry for the files size”

I texture and iluminate the room:

All the room is iluminated the way i want.

And when i bake the light gets wrong.

Do i have to iluminate each face with the camera pointed at it as Ortho and put the light the way i want?
Can i apply vertex and face colors and textures to the all room “mesh” to use the script?
Or it is better to use the script only with radiosity?

Any help very apreciated!
Thank you!

Honestly, I don’t see what is wrong with the way the light baked…

My problem is not with the position of the light and the shadows in the baked texture, it’s the diferent ilumination i get when the camera change position (the floor have diferent colors in diferent camera positions).

That’s the thing i cannot solve.

I could iluminate face by face with an ortho camera, but around 150 faces is not a good idea.

The thing i wish to know is how do i iluminate things in a way that, when i change the camera, the ilumination stays the same. Maybe some animation technique works, but i dont know none.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you very much!

I think what NeOmega is trying to say is that from what youve shown us it should definately be working in every which way so in otherwords give us the .blend or something esle fur us to be able to pinpoint your problem %|

Here it is. para

p.s. Oh, my english :expressionless:

O ok
You meaning the brightness of floor ?
this in the materials F5 – shaders and spec “change to 0”