Baking low polygon for static images

Hi, hope this isn’t a stupid question: is there any point or advantage to baking from high res mesh to low polygon mesh? Including AO maps, colors etc?

Suppose I just want to do a project for a final rendering as a still image, then would it be better to just render without all the baking process ?

Thank you.:spin:

Depends on what you want to do honestly. If you want to render a product shot or an archviz render then you should probably not bake down your results, and especially if you’re using Cycles.

If you want to do a huge environment and render it in BI then yes, you would most likely benefit from baking down some stuff.

Baking textures, normal maps/bump maps, AO…ect is more useful in real time rendering (includes video game assets) in which the polycount and other factors become an issue. If your goal is just to render a single image or an animation thats not intended to be in real time, then for the most part it really doesnt matter. Baking helps fake or convey info, but if you already have it from the get go, and you plan on rendering in the same application, then its not good to bake since it will slow down the process in the long run. What it comes down to is how you are planning to use your assets.

Hello NinthJake, Thank you for taking time to answer my question. Appreciate it very much. I haven’t been on this web very often…yet.:o

Thank you SaintHaven for taking time to answer my question. I want you to know I appreciate your reply very much. I just haven’t been on this webpage very much …yet.:o