Baking, Maps, RAM, resolution

I hope this is the correct section to ask :upside_down_face:
Have been trying to find some kind of cheatsheet for baking in Blender, like memory usage from 1024x1024 to 16384x16384 for all available texture maps

I tried duckduckgo, brave and google with many and different queries but didn’t find a single image (cheatsheet)

You don’t have to cheat… you can compute it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Bytes used…
for usual formats:
x-resolution * y-resolution * ( bits per channel / 8 ) * channels used

8 bit  RGB : x * y * 3
8 bit  RGBA: x * y * 4
16 bit RGB : x * y * 2 * 3
16 bit RGBA: x * y * 2 * 4

for EXR:
x-resolution * y-resolution * res * channels used

with res=

float:   4
double:  8

( if my mind doesn’t tricked me )


it seems to work for few people, at least according to the likes but for me it doesn’t
I’m getting 1.5GB, unless I’m doing it incorrectly


I guess I’m getting more stupid each year x__x

That’s 1,610,612,736 bits, which is .2 GB, or 200 MB, which is correct (depending on your file format/compression etc, this will vary slightly.) For example, I have a 6800x3965 PNG I’m looking at right now that’s 101 MB. Your image is 2.48 times larger, and PNG compression has an efficiency of between 2-4 times, so the numbers add up :slight_smile:

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I see, the math makes sense now, i guess the 12-16GB of RAM usage when baking is a Blender way of doing / issue

this kind of made it easier to understand

anyway thank you for your time, take care :upside_down_face:

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