"baking" material colours

Is there any way to “bake” materials on a model to a UV map? (including textures placed with emptys) It’s for a game model (for source) to make the start of a UV map (i will add scratches etc. this will be a base for it)


that would be interesting, i would be interested int his too. it would make uv mapping way easier. since we could place them correctly and then bake them. cant wait till someone answeres this:)

There is a baking script. But that requires some work since images will not look perfect at every resolution. I tried this technique to bake AO, and Radiocity to make “Perfect” animatable renders. But found the amount of preparing and tweaking was harder than to just wait for the render to finish.


i can see why radiosity or AO could be trick, but waht about normal materials that have a texture applied? how could u map that texture to uv coordinates? (if it looks perfect by appying it through orcho, but when making the uv texture, all hell breakes lose, so it would be nice when a way exists where you could make a uv texture by appliing ur material and then bake it to a uv map.

i found a script, but i dont really know if it works, do u have any tutorials or user manual of sorts? (since u said u used it once)

also thanks::slight_smile: