Baking misses faces after mesh editing [solved but want to know why]

Definately something wrong with my workflow here… wondering if there’s a solution.

I made this character and unwrapped it, then spread the pieces all over the UV layout area. After a few bakes (AO pass, basic diffusion map etc) I noticed that I’d missed an issue in the character’s nose; the inside nostrils had melded together earlier on in mirror mode. Not such a big deal really because of where it is (hidden), but I might want to use this character for a reel later on so I’m being fussy. I went in and remodeled the nostrils so they are now apart.

Of course, the new vertices were not layed out in the UV area. So, I selected the UV island of the face, as well as the new vertices and (after inverting the selection to “hide” other already mapped areas in the UV editor) and hit E to reunwrap in the UV editor. After resizing the new island to where the old one was positioned, all is seemed to be good. Wrong… when baking the faces in the area I touched up get missed out.

To figure out what was happening, I decided to select the whole mesh in 3D view and hit U to unwrap. This resets my UV islands, but the faces still get missed in a bake. The affected faces show up white in textured mode when not on glsl.

There is animation and weight painting (currently intact) I wish to preserve.

What can I to to wake up these faces?

P.S. No, it’s not flipped normals.

EDIT: I found out what I need to do to fix it. Basically, when the “bad” faces are selected, the UV editor drops the image… only the previous faces were actually assigned to the image in UV editor view. I had to select all faces (or the bad ones at least) and then choose to load the image afresh from the UV editor drop down list of images. I suspect that making a new image (to bake to) would have also fixed the issue.

Funny - didn’t know the UV editor was on a “per face” basis for the image. Anyone want to elaborate?