"baking" motion to bones?

I noticed that animating hair movement, as well as clothing and some body parts by hand is exhausting, and its something that should be possible to generate.
WWW -dot- blendercookie.com/2010/10/19/animation-basics-creating-a-swinging-chain/
Its just too time consuming.

Im thinking of animating the body movement and let the hair (which by the way is a mesh) movement, for example be generated by physics. I need to get my characters to another game engine, which doesnt support such things in realtime, so I was hoping to somehow “bake” that information and create bone poses for each frame from that.

Im thinking this might be possible by making Bullet affect some of the bones, is that possible and is there an example?

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you dont get any because some people dont understand your question we just dont now how do that like me

what exactly you dont get?

I don’t know much about what game engines can handle. But one popular way to get mesh animation from one program to the next is with the .mdd format. That essentially bakes it frame by frame on a vertex level. Can your game engine handle vertex animation?

I’ll try again.

I want the physics engine to influence a bone like it would a hair. and save the movement of the bones by the physics engine as an ordinary keyframe animation.