Baking multiple maps into one

Hey guys, hows going, again me with another question xD

Im pretty much finished with my Model right now, but I want to unify everything into one shader (Im creating a game asset) so I need to rebake everything into one Diffuse and Normal Map. So thats the plan.

The Diffuse map worked out quite fine, but Im struggling with the Normal maps right now, because if I rebake those into one single Map, the normals arent generated correctly e.g. its just pure purple-blue

I know that I should actually use selected from active for baking normals, but what if I just want to put all the multiple Normal Maps I baked into one single normal map ?
Someone got an idea how that is done ?

I would appreciate every answer, cheers


No no, I already have baked out the Normals from the high poly mesh, but I’d seperated those in different shaders, and and now Im done with all the setups, I want to bake those normals maps, into one final one. But how do I do that ?

Here are some pictures:

These are all my normals.
I hope you get the point, cuz this is starting to drive me insane :smiley:

I actually thought about opening up gimp or something and just adding all of these into one UV map, so maybe that’ll work


if the elements in the final uvmap have the same orientation as the in the original uvmap, then you can simply plug the normals into the color input of a diffuse or a emission and bake the color information.
you can mix all the textures into a new one and bake it, or go through each element and bake them separatelly with the option to clear the texture before baking turned off.

if not, then you need to convert the normals into world space, and again to the new uv’s tangent space.