Baking multiple materials in cycles isn't working

I am attempting to create a baked UV map for a complex object with multiple shaders.

-I added one image texture to each material and made sure it was selected
-combined all the objects in the scene into one ( I am creating a human body with see through skin, so you can see the skeleton-- loads of objects)
-smart UV unwrapped the object

  • tried bake combined without the “selected to active” turned on. also tried diffuse with color selected. Both resulted in a fully black map.

Anyone know what is going on? I baked a map just fine using the method above with a cube and a sphere, with multiple materials. This is for an urgent project so any help would be extremely appreciated!!!

Check this addon (It’ll make the baking process easier/faster):

Black baking result usually means no information in the source (nothing to bake from).
If you use default baking setup without addons and bake Diffuse pass make sure you connect color to Diffuse shader (or Color input of Principled one).
If baking Emit pass - connect color to Emit shader (faster if using Ctrl+Shift+Left click via Node Wrangler).
If multiple UV maps are present make sure expected map is set to be rendered for textures used.

Other than that using addons might be faster solution.

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