Baking multiple normal maps of one image.

How do I do this? Do I put a texture image into the diffuse and then diffuse bake? But then how do I adjust the normal map strength that varies from one material to the other?
Maybe the solution is to adjust the strength of the normal map outside of Blender, but I don’t know any program that does that.

no one can help?

Can you show a model or something that you have where you want this multiple normal maps baked from?

oops I got confused or something… it should write: Baking multiple normal maps ON one image… I’m doing it by having two uv maps. On fist uv map I unwrapped all the textures and positioned them as I wanted. On the second uv map i arranged the uv mesh so that every element fits into the texture and doesn’t overlap. Diffuse bake was easy, but the normal map baking I dunno how to do. I tried putting normal map image into the diffuse shader and then diffuse bake… that kinda works, but the problem is I cannot adjust the strength of the normal map…

Okay I take it you’re baking with cycles. I did a little test, made a model and added bumps with noise textures and controlled their intesities with math nodes. You can use mixrgb or colorramp node to control the intensity too.

However it doesn’t seem to bake the normals when I plug in the noises in the bump node. I used the displacement socket of the material output instead.

Here’s my test file

If you apply different Normal maps to one object and want them baked down to a single texture you can set it up in blender internal and bake it there. That should work.