Baking Multiple Textures into one.

Right now i have a scene where i UV mapped multiple textures onto my model, and now i want to bake all of the textures into one image so i can fix the seams. I tried bake textures but it just made all of the images i was using totally black. Any help would be appreciated.

edit I found a way, but the image is too large. Is there a way to blur the edges where two tiling textures meet in an area like this?

The problem is they are tiling textures so if i use texture paint to modify the edge, it is replicated all over the image.

Using texture platting or other texture in middle wich have a blur of the other two texures.

What is the method that you had found?

You can use “Bake to Texture”, but the model is too large to have a high resolution bake. Anyway, on a small model, you can bake all of the textures into a image file and edit it like that, but it wouldn’t work for this.

May I suggest that you bake it like this and then take the resulting texture into gimp or photoshop and use the clone tool to mask the overlap

the problem is it bakes the tiling texture as many times as it tiles, so you end up with a massive image file. perhaps if i use a stencil mask…