Baking Multires with horrifying results

So I have made a model of a character, and followed several different tutorials regarding baking a texture from a higher-res version of him, but they never seem to come out right… I tried baking from a different object to active, and had the same result as baking from multiresolution. It looks like some took my sculpt during the baking phase, and threw in just a dash of nightmare. It looks generally the same, but super jagged and ugly and I can’t find anything on what I’m doing wrong.

Here is the original:

And here is the Multires sculpt:

And here is the result after baking normals:

I just don’t know why the sculpted parts look so jagged… Do I need to just make it smoother on the original sculpt? I tried for many a minute to upload the .blend but it didn’t work (i’m having a very techno-lucky day) so if posting a picture of any of the tabs will be helpful, let me know what you need and I will post a picture as soon as possible! Thanks!

Well dude, you are actual very successful with baking. There are a few important considerations when loading in a normal as a material texture.

(i) In the texture tab where you loaded the normal map, looking the the header that says Image Sampling, check the box that says Normal Map and chose the appropriate type.

(ii) Depending on how I configure things, sometimes I have to set the ->Influence->Geometry->Normal all the way down to 0.05 .That number seems to be ideal when the normals look way too harsh.

Also you can open the normal map in GIMP and blur the image very slightly using Gaussian blur. If this makes your seams visible then undo that and use Selective Gaussian Blur instead. This avoids UV seams well enough.

Aside from that I’d say you’ve got it nailed. Your bake looks really good.

Also, the Blender Internal 3D Viewport Renderer does not match up very well with a proper full render when it comes to specular. The only way to know for sure is to push the Render button

What it looks like is that you have baked the normals, used them in the material but you are still viewing the model at the higher mutlires level. The normals (at a strength of 1) should look very similar (or slightly weaker) than the sculpt. The idea of baking them is to delete the higher multires and get the model to a reasonable number of verts. So whatever level you baked to, lower the mulrires preview to that level and delete higher (on a saved copy of the blend) If it’s not that, post the blend.

Well you guys both hit my problems dead on. Thank you very much!