Baking Namepair Creator

There were new versions of Substance Painter and Designer released just now, and their bakers now have a new “Match by Sub-Meshes Name” option.

Here is an add-on that will allow you to set up such a pair of names with one click:

More info on the linked page.

Nice, I’ll use it, thanks :wink:

The add-on now takes modifiers into consideration when determining which of the selected objects is the high-poly, and which is the low-poly.
Please redownload and reinstall. Also, report any problems.

i was doing some baking and needed and found this little gem! I got it before and forgot but was reminded when i tried to donate. Anyways I found a small nuance that might be easy for you to fix.

If it took care of that it would be perfect but it gave me issues in SP2 and SD5 without it.
Anyways. This tool is great haha. When the time came this was just the thing I needed haha. Thanks again!


Added a toggle to Baking Namepair Creator called “Also Rename Datablock”, on by default. This will also rename mesh data, since it seems it’s sometimes used instead of Object name.

Redownloadif you want it, and be sure to report any bugs.

Hope I understood your problem correctly : )

Thanks! Little stuff like this goes a long way.

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Possible feature?

  • Selection of multiple _high’s to rename to a single _low eg:

Sword_high.hilt, Sword_high.Rivet1 Sword_high.Pummel -> Sword_low AKA
Sword_high.001,Sword_high.002,Sword_high.003 -> Sword_low

This is with the assumption that any name based baker would ignore characters after the suffix

any change to get this working with blender 2.81 and 2.82?

Did you tried this 2.8 version?

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This seems to work, the gumroad one wasn’t up to date thanks!