Baking normal map from procedural material

Hi all,

I purchased the Cycles Material Vault and used one of the materials in the pack to create a rusted looking object. The add on creates a super node that connects to the surface connector of the Material Output node.
Nothing connects to the displacement connector and yet, there is displacement on the material.

So…I’d like to bake out a normal map and/or bump map from these procedural materials but I have no clue how to do this since the object itself has no displacement.

@NovakM, you’ll need to take the normal vector from inside the nodegroup by either ungroup it or creating an output for it in the nodegroup_output node.

Here’s something you can try. Since I haven’t used CMV materials before I don’t know how its set up but if you download a daily build of blender 2.79 you can bake out a normal map from procedural textures in cycles as long as either a bump node or normal map node is used

I was waiting for this to be added for a long time, thanks for the good news. And it works for selected to active, too.

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you dont need anything to bake a normal map.
just plug your procedural texture into displace and bake normals.

if you have osl turned on (it is off by default), you need to turn it back off, as i discovered recently.

again… plug anything into displace on output, and clycles will bake a correct tangent space normal map.

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