Baking normal map - problem

Hello! I’m new in this forum and I’m starting my apprenticeship in blender. I’m having a problem with a normal map generated from a high poly to low poly.
Apparently the texture was generated correctly, but during the rendered preview the normal map does not look right.

Follow image

(sorry my english)

Could you post a screenshot of your node setup? Thanks!


I konw that image texture “color” must fit on “normal”. I did like that just to show the problem.

I made bake again, and i did one different thing, i forgot save the image. So, when i saved the image, apparently, the normal map was ok!

But there are still some types of problems

You could improve the UVs. Currently the usefull information takes probably less than third of the space in the texture. That’s a waste of memory.

thank you! Besides optimizing the image space, you think i need to improve the unwrap too?

Hi, I’m relatively new to this forum and to blender (At least is the first time I post in here), so hi everyone!
I’m trying to get in touch with the basic tools for the video game assets creation pipeline. I understand that the baking of the normal maps in the theory, but when trying to get it done, It does not work at all: I have a high res mesh, and a low poly one. Both in the centre, the high res over the low poly one. Now I should bake the normals of the high res in order to make the low res look like a more dense mesh.
When I bake with the “selected to active” function, I don’t get nothing even approximate to the high res. Indeed, it reamains clean except for several strange random artifacts.

I am probably making lots of things wrong, so please, if you need any other screenshot I’ll upload it.
Thanks a lot !