Baking normal maps Blender vs xNormal

Hi there,

I´m fairly new to all this, but I´ve come to the point of baking normal maps for my low poly using high poly model. But the baking process in Blender (using blender render) takes forever on my computer (even two hours and more), and I wanted to bake a cavity map too (which I couldn´t find in the list). So I tried to export the meshes and bake them in xNormal. The result was however horrible with some sides way deeper and some way flatter than they should be.

So what I´m asking is: is there a way to lower the time taken to bake in Blender (without upgrading the PC) and a way to bake a cavity map OR is it possible to somehow setup xNormal to not bake so badly?

xNormal map and Blender map (in that order):

Applied to model (same order and same lighting)

2 hours and more sounds anything but normal whatever hardware. Can you link to sample blend where you have such result? is a convenient place to upload. Copy and paste here address after upload.