Baking Normalmaps issues

Hi there,

it seems like I’m unable to bake a good working normalmap.
As you can see in the screenshots, I have this pavilion model and a low poly version of it.
I just created a a basic automatic UV layout for it, just for some testing reason.

When I leave the bias value at 0 I only get an almost flat normalmap, with some yellow/green dots onto it. If I increase the value to 0.1 I get the second result, where most of the map looks fine but those yellow/greenish bricks…

I really have no idea, what I’m doing wrong here and why some parts of the map look fine and the rest doesn’t.

Any piece of advice would be highly appreciated.


check for duplicates
and enable the normal-axis-display for the faces
in the 3D-view with object selected,
key-n to open right side property window
tab into edit-mode for the object and
enable the draw of normals for faces (maybe pull up the length
to see those blue lines better).
Correct faces with wrong normals.

That really leads into the right direction!

It’s kind of a cumbersome process now to flip all those normals.
Thankfully I still have a backup file with a lower polycount.

“Frustration Mode” is set to zero again, thanks to you mate! ^^

Ctrl+N to recalculate normals should work unless you have poor modelling with internal / non manifold edges


also fixed some parts of the model by using the ctrl+n command.
But I found out that some normals have been flipped by joining the parts into one mesh,
even if I recalculated them before.

Is it possible to bake a normalmap from a model that is made of more than one piece?

Alright just found it out by myself, just have to keep the right order.

Shift-select all the meshes you want to bake from and at last the one you want to bake onto.