Baking Normals 2.5

Hello, I cant seem to bake normal maps on blender 2.5.
The same process is still working on 2.49.
Got my complicated mesh and simple mesh, clicked bake selected to active.
Got From tangent selected and an empty image to receive the normal map.
But when i click bake it crashes, dont see it even atempt to create a normal map.
is there anything i should know about 2.5 or do i just use 2.49 for certain things till teh beta comes out?

Also i have a bug in mainly the modifiers button. It zooms in wildly and cannot be rectified unless i go to materials panel and back. and sometimes this does not work. should i report it?

You are probably using 2.5 alpha 2 from the download site. As this is still in alpha, you should not be expecting functionality that is in 2.49 to yet work.
Download a more recent build with this bug fixed

You are an absolute legend buddy.

still get the bug where the button panels zoom in crazy, and sometimes i just have to quit and reopen