Baking Normals and Textures from Hi-Poly to Lo-Poly

So I’m attempting to model an item for a steam-based game.
I’ve done the basics before as a test and I understand the process for it.
To get the best results, I’ve decided on using a high-poly model to generate the normals and textures and then bake it onto the low poly equivalent. The following is an image illustrating the two models:

I want to retain the detailed textures and normal mapping already done with the high res model:

I’ve overlapped the two, made sure that the verts line up where I need them to, and verified that the location, scale, and rotation have all been set to 0,1,0 respectively.

Now here’s the weird part:
When I bake both the norms and the textures from the high-poly to the low-poly mesh, the results are… weird.

About half of it looks right but the other half is incomplete or looks buggy. I don’t know what’s causing it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been tearing my hair out for hours now.
Thanks in advance!
JRad the Bad!

There is nothing seen in images except that you have not applied Smooth (one on T-panel) for the low poly before bake.
Guess the crystal balls of others are broke too ;).

Sorry, seeing as it was my first post, I could only add 3 images and then couldn’t post again till today.
Here’s the texture baking output:

and here’s the normals baking output:

I’ve confirmed that setting the low poly model to smooth does not fix the issue.
You can see it more clearly in the second image. Around the handle area, the normals are all jumbled together and come out yellow.
I did think of one thing:
The high poly mesh is a composite of several individual meshes. Each mesh had it’s own textures and normal mapping. I then joined them together into a single high-poly mesh.
Is the issue potentially that the normal mapping and textures are baking through each other onto the low poly result?
I thought that baking would only give the visible result and not the full normals and textures.
Any ideas?
JRad the Bad

This does look like normals issue. Make sure you have removed doubles from both meshes and recalculate normals (in edit mode, select all and T-panel Recalculate or Ctrl-N before bake. Was it boolean operation on hi rez mesh giving this much narrow triangles? If these are separate details you could consider manually modeling that part. Separate meshes joined for normalmap baking should be ok. You might want to change Bias setting for bake if some details are not present. Other than that i’ve run out of immediate ideas.