Baking normals from multires to low poly object.

I’m trying to do a tutorial here I’m at the part where I’m supposed to use baking to transfer the bumps from a multi-res version to a uv unwrapped low poly version. I couldn’t follow the steps in the tutorial. I found another tutorial and couldn’t follow that one either. In the end, when I try to view the low poly version, I don’t see any bumps. I’ve looked in this forum but didn’t see any step by step procedures. Anyone know of a tutorial for beginners to follow on this topic?

Note original dragon is on layer one, multi-res dragon on layer two and lights and camera on layer ten

This is after baking. The purple color of the normal map looks similar to the one in the original tutorial. But I get completely lost after this.

This is after I apply the new texture to the low-poly dragon and attempt to view it in texture mode. I don’t see any bumps.

Note: I can’t use to upload my blend file because it’s 55 mb in size and pasteall limits file size to 30 MB.

i haven’t done any baking with versions after 2.49, but in 2.49 there is a ‘distance’ setting. it looks like that needs to be adjusted.

You’re not going to see bumps with a blank normal map. Show your bake settings and post a link to your blend file

This is the third thread from you with same question, already tried to reply and you opened this one without looking at what i told you. Getting annoying really.

Edit: Actually more than three thread with questions about this damn baking tutorial