Baking Normals in Cycles - input side maps ignored?

Trying my first attempt to bake a normal map in cycles.

Got it all working, got a normal map out.

But the bake seems to be ignoring normals derived from input maps (Another poster reports disp’ maps ignored too).

That is, I have bolt heads that exist only as a normal map mapped via different UV sets via the objects material.

These all render correctly, but don’t appear at all in the baked normal map.

Does anyone know if this is a known limitation at the moment? Or should I go back and check my setup again.

Thanks. G.

Looks like this is related to T36563

‘As Intended’. Bummer. OK. I’ll look into the displacement map thing instead
(or go back to BI for normal map decals).

Did you solve this? I can’t get normal map baked in Cycles even with displacement socket, although it is visible in normal pass.