Baking Normals using high/low poly object

When making high poly model out of low poly model by duplication, what do you do with the seam? Do you need to keep them on high poly model? I was trying to round off the corner with bevel. But them that corner is marked as seam you know.

yes, the seams and thus the UV map for each object have to align exactly, so you want to unwrap them the same way.

The high poly model does not need UV seams or UV unwrapping. When baking one shape against another for normals, you go by physical 3D world tangent space. You can even bake two completely different objects, giving bumps from Suzanne onto a sphere for example.

Hope I understood your question right.

Man I was just about to post a thread about this exact topic, thank goodness for BA search!

And thanks Lancer, thats exactly the answer to my question I was looking for, that will make my life so much easier! :cool: