Baking Normals.

I’ve have tried to bake a normal map butt i don’t understand one thing. If i sculpt on my object(cube) the baking works perfectly but if i extrude faces it does not show in the baked normal… I don’t really understand is it impossible to bake objects with extruded faces or am i just doing something wrong?? 0_o.

Try to scale down the extruded faces, so that at least some part of the side faces get baked.

If not doing so, those side faces will not be rendered as they are parallel to the baking projection. And because baking normals only bakes the normal and not the distance from the extruded faces, if the extruded face has the same normal as the sorroundig faces, the resulting texture will show no difference.

Thanks that worked but it looks like shieeeet…
I have another question. I exported my objects uv’s and made a normal map in gimp but when brought that map back to blender the resolution was really bad… Do you have any ideas why?

too vague… have you checked every setting (resolutions, color transformations, bits per channel, file format, etc) ?

baking or Rendering a normal map ???
two very different things

baking to a UV mapped texture is just a few mouse clicks

see any of the new’ish YouTube vids or guides from the last few years

When making a high poly model from the low poly model, you cannot extrude. This is because extruding creates new faces/edges and those aren’t UV unwrapped yet, and even if you were to UV unwrap it wouldn’t work because the low poly model doesn’t have the added geometry. What you should do to counter the problem is add edge loops very close to the edges where you want the extrusion to happen, and then either lift or sink the added edge loop(s) just like you would with normal extruding. Hope this helps :wink: