Baking Object Space Maps Results in Artifacts

I am creating a character, and exporting all the maps to do the texturing. For each object, I export an AO, tangent, object space, and texture map. For 90% of the objects, it works perfectly. But for a couple, the object space map gets these weird artifacts.

It seems to process the maps fine, but then goes over it again and put all the weird little triangle of a different color in them. I have changed all the settings, exported the object and reimported into different files and versions of Blender. Nothing seems to be working. Any ideas?

Do you have any overlapping faces in your model?

Nope. Checked the normals and doubles. Nothing seems to be amiss…

Maybe you can put up a blend of a single object and we can look at that - other than that, i have no clue why it would do that.

I was able to find a way around it using xNormal, but still no idea why it’s doing that… thanks for all the help though!