baking particles

Hi all
I guess this is an old problem… Im working in an animation where a plane emitts some particles. The animation goes from frame 1 to 300. The particles appear slightly later so I bake from frame 100 to 250. I go in so much detail cause I guess the problem has to do with time and time origin. The thing is that when I render the animation the particles appear before frame 100. They shouldnt be there, they are not defined to start at that moment (Sta:100) and they are not baked to start at that moment.

Seems that the solution (at least for me) has been to bake the whole animation (from 1 to 300).

Can someone tell me why is this happening?

Thanks in advance.

i’ve had some problems like that…

what i did, was i cleared the bake/cache before each render, which worked fine.

Wrong thread, should be posted in Support.