Baking particular vertex group only without affecting the rest of the texture


my object consist of two vertex groups (vgA, vgB) each having its own material (matA, matB) and texture image (imgA, imgB).

i would really wonder whether there is a possibility to bake only vgB vertex group into imgB without touching imgA and what is important - without breaking the object in two separate objects. Right now - as soon as I hit bake, it bakes both imgA and imgB which is not really working for me since imgA is hand-painted and UVs reuse the same texture space in many places, but imgB always gets baked.

also, same situation as above - just using one image imgA for both vertex groups and materials, one part is hand-painted, another should be baked (vgA reuses same UV space for many parts so it cannot be baked). is there a possibility to bake just vertex group B affecting just the texure area where its UV’s are placed.

Thank you.