Baking physics to ipo/fcurves in Blender 2.5

Hey guys,
I’m sure there is a simple answer to this but I’m stumped. I am having problems baking a physics simulation onto my animation.
Basically look at it this way - You have a plane and two cubes on it. I animated cube 1 to move into cube 2 and push it off the edge.
Then I went into the game engine, gave the cube 2 rigid body properties and when I hit “p”, cube 1 moves and pushes cube 2 off the edge of the plane.
Then I went into Game and selected the option to record the physics to ipo/fcurves
When I clicked “p” again, cube 1 did NOT move.
I realize it’s because I chose to record the physics to the ipo and most likely somehow my original animation was overwritten.
So. Is their anyway I can bake a physics simulation into an existing animation without overwriting any keyframes?

lock the your original animaltion with the lock symbol and then record your simulation.


Physik3.blend (65.1 KB)

Thanks man!